What is ClashSpot ?

ClashSpot use the official SuperCell API to extract data and product many informations.

Currently, ClashSpot display :

  • Clans datas
    • Basic features : name, description, location, points, clan perks, ...
    • Clan members.
    • War log.
  • Players datas
    • Basic features : name, level, trophies, ...
    • Progression of researches and heroes.
    • Wars participations.
  • War datas
    • Online interface to follow the war progression.
    • Keeps an archive of war datas (members, attacks, ...).

How ClashSpot work ?

ClashSpot synced periodically clans and players data by calling the SuperCell API.

ClashSpot aim to update all clans and players periodically, but with more than 3.5 millions of clans and 30 millions of players in the database, it's complex to get up to date the data for all.

So, if you want to get a priority on the data updater, please register to ClashSpot and add your clan in your favorites of your account.